Global Federation of Practising Artists
Information leaflet
What is your purpose ? The Global Federation of Practising Artists exists to provide a global voice for artists at the highest political offices thus ensuring that continuing exploitation , hijacking of works of art and the usurping of valuable time , energy and talent ceases to take place forthwith What position do you currently hold ? We already have some support from high quarters but real strength is derived from numbers large enough to gain a strong political voice there where it makes a significant difference How much does it cost and what do I need to do to qualify ? Joining is free for student members , a group who self-qualifies . To put that into context , if you apply for student membership we will assume that you have artistic interests which you are furthering for broader use . The age limit for student membership is 26 after which you are expected to either engage as member or allow your membership to lapse The fee structure and how to apply can be found on the Federation’s contact page How can I contact your organisation for further clarification and how do I join your team ? You may write to us as follows : Membership only enquiries : Recticity Group GFEDPA enquiries Level 13 / 50 Carrington Street Sydney  New South Wales 2000 Australia Contact the president : Mr Jan Jeltes , President GFEDPA Post office box 611 Blackwood  South Australia  5051 Australia Will any volunteers be required ? Yes , most certainly . Please contact the president direct in the first instance Kind regards Governance body 
1 December 2017